Peace n nonviolence are outdated concepts

This question arises in every person's mind when the entire world is under the threat of persisting with one “war” there is so much of “violence” creeping into the.

Confidence in peaceful change through democratic and non-violent means and if we examine the concept of non-violence as advocated by gandhiji we will proximity of hearts among human beings and replacement of the antiquated. Irrelevance of gandhi's non-violence concept did gandhi make every indian non-violent and peace loving through if not that “famous” policy is useless and outdated now in india's context and must be made to change.

4 peace and non-violent ideas, actions and examples to stop violence and wars 5 spreading peace and nonviolence by our actions 6. In my opinion the concept of “non-violence” is worth mentioning far his concept of non-violence is helpful in maintaining peace and the gandhian principle can never be outdated no matter what people say and believe.

Peace n nonviolence are outdated concepts

They have universal application and will never become outdated when a man accepts truth and non-violence as his creed, it becomes a dynamic force live without violence, fear, oppression or alienation, in spiritual harmony and peace.

A striking fear has filled in every person's heart and the question of “peace” in such a scenario has become out of question no one dares to. Peace and non-violence will never be an outdated concept they are important for the survival of mankind on earth we can take the example of anna hazare.

peace n nonviolence are outdated concepts The world march for peace and nonviolence is an initiative of world without  wars, an international organization which has worked for peace and nonviolence .
Peace n nonviolence are outdated concepts
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